The Beat Box - Monthly Subscription
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The Beat Box - Monthly Subscription

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Our Beat Box subscription sends our positively craveable gluten-free crackers straight to your home, every month. So if you're planning for a party but also want some when the mood hits, or you want to never run out of our crackers for snacking, the Beat Box is for you! 


All of our crackers are fabulous on their own or with hummus. But here are some other fun options to try. Or make up your own and send them to us. We love hearing form you!

Goat cheese and fig jam
Caprese salad
With your soup / salad
Sharp cheeses

Sesame Swing
As croutons on your salad
Goat cheese
Deviled egg salad

Play It Simple
Cream cheese and wild smoked salmon
Almond butter and jam
Chunk of aged parmesan
Black bean dip

Cranberry Chorus
Goat cheese and local honey
Any Appenzeller type cheese
Triple creme and fresh herbs
Prosciutto and apple slices




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