Pollinator Partnership and New Beat Foods

New Beat Foods is collaborating with the Pollinator Partnership (P2) to support the Bee Friendly Farming Program, which encourages farmers to provide pollinators with a healthy living environment.  

According to a recent UN report, more than 70 of the 100 crops that provide 90 percent of the world's food rely on bees for pollination. Managed honey bees remain the most economically important pollinator, contributing over $19 billion annually to the U.S. economy.

The Pollinator Partnership is the world’s largest non-profit 501(c)3 organization devoted solely to protecting pollinators and their natural habitat. Businesses big and small work with P2 to promote their mission and sponsor events and programs.

Kelly Rourke, Program Coordinator at P2, says they really enjoy working with small businesses. “It’s a great way to act locally, to get people involved and to spread the word about pollinator issues. We’re able to reach a more specific audience and it’s a group of people who might be more inclined to take action and dig deeper to learn more.”

New Beat Foods is pledging a portion of each product sold to P2, specifically the Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) Program. This program requires farmers to meet certain criteria to provide pollinators on their land with exceptional habitat. Rourke said, “It encourages the use of best management practices and reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals on the land.

In addition to chemical alternatives, farmers must use 3-6% of their land for bee foraging, provide clean water for bees, ensure a variety of flowering plants remain in bloom throughout the growing season and provide features like hedgerows and natural brush where the bees can nest and mate.
New Beat Foods founder, Trish Kurnik, wants to spread P2’s message about safe and sustainable bee farming as these have such an impact on the quality of honey produced. Honey is a key ingredient in all of New Beat Foods Quinoa Crackers. 
Trish was a Landscape Architect prior to starting New Beat Foods. She is an avid gardener, animal lover and wants to give back to causes she cares about. Bees, and all pollinators, are important to her and for the mission of New Beat Foods. Working with the Pollinator Partnership is a natural pairing for us. We want to bring awareness to the bee/pollinator crisis and want to do our part.
Education about pollinators is the primary goal of P2 and New Beat Foods involvement with the program.

Learn more at http://www.pollinator.org/