About us

 One day in 2001, while out riding her bike in Boulder, Colorado,
 Trish Kurnik was hit by a car, which changed her life in an             unexpected way. After her external injuries healed, Trish was left   with secondary and permanent physical damage: the onset of   celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that can be triggered by   trauma. From that point on, she’d have to follow a totally gluten-     free diet.  To say this was challenging for a lover of natural, local,   and organic whole foods is putting it mildly. One of Trish’s favorite   foods is crackers. Most gluten-free crackers are made with highly  processed alternative flours, starches, gums, and fillers. They not only fell short in terms of flavor and texture, they were also full of  empty calories and high-glycemic carbs. In other words, neither delicious nor nutritious.                                               

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. A life-long baker, Trish decided that if she couldn’t find a cracker she loved, she’d make one herself. Armed with steely determination and a well-equipped kitchen, she went to work...

                                             And New Beat Foods was born! 

2017 marks her 23rd year in Colorado and she enjoys it more and
more every day. When not in her kitchen you will find Trish and
her husband typically outdoors. Trish love’s to garden, mountain bike, hike and camp. Trish and her husband also love to entertain in their home where they keep the company of three lovely felines. In her “spare time,” she also volunteers at the Longmont Humane Society. (The Longmont Humane Society is an amazing organization and resource for our community.) Active members in their community, Trish and her husband also belong to 2 CSA’s:

  • Aspen Moon Farms in Hygiene, CO. Aspen Moon Farms is certified organic and biodynamic
  • Jodar Farms in Ft Collins, CO where they purchase chicken, eggs and pork.
Thanks for believing and supporting New Beat Foods!