Royal Organic Quinoa Flakes

Discover the cracker made with natural, organic ingredients bursting with flavor while remaining gluten free and with no added starches, gums, or preservatives. Our recipes combine organic quinoa with ancient grains to deliver a delicious, crispy cracker with complete proteins and full of fiber. Turn your snack, salad, meal, or dessert into a crunchy, healthy morsel for your mouth!

ROYAL QUINOA is a trademarked name that refers exclusively to quinoa grown around the Salar de Uyuni on the altiplano of southern Bolivia. Here the native peoples of the Andes began to cultivate quinoa around 4,000 years ago. They learned long since not to meddle with Nature’s way of putting forth good things, bringing only llama dung, fortitude and faith to the process. Today the quinoa farmers of the Salar follow traditions that are 100 percent organic, absolutely sustainable, culturally unique and increasingly menaced by global commoditization and genetic manipulation.

The Royal Quinoa trademark establishes criteria that protect traditional quinoa farmers by giving their product proper distinction and fair pricing in an increasingly generic marketplace. The same standards protect corporate customers and consumer purchasers by ensuring consistent product excellence.

Most Royal Quinoa is sold as an ingredient for high-protein, gluten-free commercial baking applications.

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