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The Best Gluten-Free Crackers!

Rated by GFF Magazine

We did it again -- New Beat Foods Quinoa Crackers are rated among the best gluten-free crackers! GFF Magazine, known as Good Food (Forever) or Gluten-Free (Forever) Magazine, tested over thirty gluten-free crackers and named 17 “the best,” in three categories. New Beat Foods was one of three to win “Best Artisanal Gluten-Free Cracker,” and the competition in this category is unique and delicious.

GFF Magazine really captured the essence of New Beat Foods in their description of our naturally gluten-free crackers, writing:

“These artisan quinoa gluten-free crackers […] hold up beautifully to dips, cheeses, nut butters and even ice cream (think slightly-salty-slightly-sweet ice cream cone—it’s amazing!). Although pricey, there’s merit behind the cost; these bookmark-shaped bites are handcrafted using wholesome ingredients like organic quinoa, nuts, seeds, herbs and honey; organic ingredients; New Beat Foods

I can tell these judges are snacking to a new beat already! They’ve already given me a new idea: crackers for dessert! Ready to try it with me? The question is: chocolate, caramel, or fruit? I say all three - a dessert charcuterie board!

It’s great to see the variety of quality gluten-free products available now. When I started New Beat Foods, I was looking for delicious substitutes for my favorite snacking food - the cracker. This journey has become a culinary experience that I’m happy to share with you. There’s a lot of good food out there for people with celiac disease.

If you’re looking for amazing recipes for gluten-free foods, check out the New Beat Blog. When I find meals that tantalize my taste buds, they’re added to my blog! For perfect pairings with New Beat Foods Quinoa Crackers, look no further than our Pairing Suggestions. Read more about the best gluten-free crackers from GFF Magazine.

Get the Best Artisanal gluten-free crackers today from an award winning cracker company: New Beat Foods. I’d love it if you shared your experience with us: what are your favorite recipes, pairings, and gluten-free crackers? Comment below!

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