Finding the New Beat!

We're making news!

When you have a product as healthy and uniquely delicious like we do here at New Beat Food's, you're bound to make a few slashes in local, national, or international media! We've been lucky enough to be featured in a few local magazines. Check out the articles and see what the world is saying about these gluten free Quinoa Crackers!


In September of 2015, New Beat Foods appeared in 5280 Magazine. The Food Lover's Guide presented that year gave a little expose on our Quinoa crackers. Make sure to check it out.


Then in December of 2016 New Beat Foods was featured in Edible Aspen. This great article mentions many healthy, unique foods, any of which go well with our Quinoa Crackers to create a healthy snack, a wholesome meal, and a delicious memory!



Where do you find New Beat Foods' Quinoa Crackers?

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