Celiac Awareness With New Beat Foods

Celiac Awareness
With New Beat Foods

We can ‘thank’ Celiac Disease for the creation of New Beat Foods Quinoa Crackers. What is Celiac Disease? It’s a genetic autoimmune disease that is triggered by the protein called gluten found in most grain based foods in America. Gluten comes from wheat, barley, and rye and when consumed by someone with Celiac Disease can damage the small intestine and lead to other major health issues like osteoporosis, diabetes, thyroid disease, and infertility. Many people go most of their lives without realizing they may have Celiac Disease, either having been misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed with a wheat allergy. 

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005 I had to find a substitute for one of my favorite snack foods: the cracker! Instead of finding a substitute, I created the naturally gluten-free cracker bursting with flavor, fantastic texture and nutritious ingredients. Now I’m snacking and eating to a New Beat - my energy is back, my body doesn’t hurt, and I’m producing an amazing product. I love hearing the feedback from others with Celiac Disease and how my Quinoa Crackers have transformed their eating habits - and that’s what it’s about.

There are some simple signs you should be aware of, and if you’re suffering from a number of these you should be tested for Celiac Disease. Constant lethargy, fatigue, and tiredness coinciding with bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements, constipation or diarrhea, anxiety, depression, or irritability can all be a sign of Celiac Disease. This can lead to anemia, poor appetite, itchy skin rashes, tingling or numbness in parts of the body, and discolored teeth. If you’re experiencing a number of or all of these signs, then you should talk to your doctor and a health specialist.

According to Beyond Celiac, 1 in 133 people suffer from Celiac Disease. That’s about 3 million Americans alone. Unfortunately 83% of people with Celiac Disease are misdiagnosed, or underdiagnosed, and continue to suffer daily. Left untreated and continuing to eat the standard American diet, someone with Celiac Disease could develop other autoimmune disorders because the body is continually on the attack whenever gluten is consumed. This destroys the villi in the small intestine, which is where you absorb a lot of the nutrients from food. With enough damage to the villi, health can deteriorate quickly, even if you’re eating “healthy” foods. If your body can’t absorb nutrients, it’s almost like you weren’t eating them at all. 

Celiac Disease is no joke. There is no cure to date, aside from removing gluten from your diet entirely. It can be extremely painful and exhausting to live with Celiac Disease, but a proper diet can help mitigate all of these troubles. Snacking changed the most for me, but I found the solution with Quinoa Crackers. Quinoa is an amazing substitute for grains. It holds far more nutritional value when processed than wheat and creates amazing crackers! Try my handmade artisanal crackers with any dip, spread, cheese, fruits, or meats and find your new favorite pairing for snacks and mealtimes alike. You can find New Beat Foods here>>

Snack To A New Beat.

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