A taste of Thailand - Tofu and cashew nut

In January of 2020, we had the opportunity to travel to Thailand. Thailand was surprisingly challenging to eat gluten-free. In the United States, Thai food is mostly gluten-free, Panang Curry being one of my absolute favs! I think it was partly the language barrier, but they do use a lot of "regular" soy sauce. And if you are just starting the gluten-free lifestyle you will quickly learn that the first ingredient in soy sauce is wheat! 

My husband and I took a Thai cooking class while there and this has become one of our favorite dishes; we make this dish several times a month. The Umami is amazing and makes this dish savory and craveable - just like our positively craveable gluten-free quinoa crackers.

Here's the recipe adapted with ingredients easily found in most US supermarkets. Enjoy!

Serves 4 (easily double or triple recipe)

400 grams Tofu or chicken - cut into bit size pieces
200 grams cashews
200 grams straw (or similar) mushrooms
80 grams chopped carrots
20 grams chopped spring onion 


100 grams wheat free/gluten-free soy sauce
20 grams gluten-free hoisin sauce
20 grams sugar
12 grams roasted chili paste
12 grams tamarind sauce
40 grams butter

~120 grams vegetable oil for frying


Fry or grill the protein - set aside
Heat oil in wok - add carrots and mushroom - stir fry
Add the sauce and butter - continue stirring and cooking
Add back the protein - stir
Add cashews and spring onion - stir until all ingredients are evenly coated
Serve over (with) rice


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